We play videogames to embrace a sense of fun, adventure and to just escape from the real world in a creative, unique manner. That’s especially true in the case of RPG titles where we take the role or a here or even an antagonist and explore worlds, complete quests and evolve alongside our character. However, finding the right RPG to play can be challenging, since there are so many games and platforms you can find them on. That’s where we come into play.

What is RPG Geeks?
We are a website focused on sharing a database of online and mobile RPG games that you can start playing right away. It’s very important for us to help you find the games you always wanted, and we are constantly adding new titles as well. Each one of these games was tested by us and our community, they run very well and they managed to accrue a massive following. That makes them a great pick for anyone that wants a creative, fun and engaging RPG experience and exciting set of gameplay mechanics.

What type of games can you find on RPG Geeks?
We only showcase the best RPGs out there. We have a separate section for mobile games, and there’s another section for online RPG titles. This way you just have to pick the right type of game you want, and you can find a massive list with all kinds of amazing games. The great thing about RPG Geeks is that every page has a lot of information about the game, how it plays and even some images. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect. Plus, you can also find recommendations at the bottom of every game page.

Why us?
We are constantly adding new RPGs to the website, and we update the information for existing content too. We believe it’s important for every RPG player to have access to a large database of great games. That’s why we are constantly making sure you get a whole lot of cool games to enjoy.
RPG Geeks welcomes you to the community and we encourage you to browse our website if you want to find some great RPG titles to play alone or with friends!